Ancient Trees

Olive oil, our superfood, is the basis of the Mediterranean diet, a diet of longevity and well-being.

Rich in antioxidant, anti-cancer and antimicrobial properties helps reduce “bad” cholesterol (LDL) and prevent cardiovascular disease, helps with better bowel function, facilitates digestion, enhances better absorption of calcium by the body, improves digestion of blood sugar, activates the metabolism, rejuvenates the skin, and finally is a natural shield for cancer prevention.

Numerous medical studies prove that olive oil is the best choice for a balanced diet, an ally of good health and a source of valuable nutrients.

It is enough to think that the olive tree lives over 3,000 years to understand the greatness of olive oil.

We are lucky to have been born in Zakynthos and our family gave us the opportunity to continue the tradition of the Olives olive mill.

Olives, such as the area in which it is located and got its name from the hundreds of ancient olive trees that surround it.

There is no known archeological monument in our area. Our monuments are the ancient olive trees.

They stand here alive giving their fruits every year, for thousands of years. Real survival fighters, who have nurtured generations and generations, connect us with
our tradition, the myths of the Ancient Greeks and the beliefs of our country.

They inspire us to create our own story and produce a high quality olive oil with respect for Nature and its wonders.

An experience that through Elies Premium, our oil, we are happy to share with you.

The Dioscuri

The Dioscuri, the twin brothers of Antiquity, a symbol of brotherly love and virtue.
Our own 2,000-year-old twin olive trees 100 meters from our olive mill.


Saturn (Time) from the ancient Gods, son of Heaven and Gaia (Earth) and father of Zeus. An 1,000-year-old olive tree adorns the surrounding area of the mill.


Gaia, the most important View. Earth and Chaos give birth to Heaven. Create the Giants, the Titans, the Ocean and all the creatures that surround the world.

The Face of Jupiter.

1,500 year old olive tree.
Zeus, the "Father of gods and men", ruled the gods of Olympus. He has always been a meteorological god, controller of lightning, lightning and rain. He was the strongest and most important of all mythological beings and gods.

Goddess Dimitra

Mother Earth, goddess of agriculture, but also of free vegetation, soil and fertility, the consequence of which was to be considered the protector of marriage and human motherhood. Olive tree aged 2,000 years.

The moon

Moon, olive tree of special beauty. Its helical body follows the rotation of the Earth and depends on the phases of the Moon over thousands of years.